Lucrative Wholesale Houses & Rehab Properties

Relieve the stress of trying to sell your home.  With there are No closing costs, No  sinking money into costly repairs, No banks, No agents, No stress.  Only Cash for your Casa no matter the condition.

Make money off your residential space with the services from We work with wholesale houses and rehab properties in any condition throughout Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

Every Space

No matter what condition your home is in, we will purchase it for top dollar. Our company has worked with everything from perfect properties to residences that are in the least desirable market.

Once we look at your property, we work with you and the investor to design a contract. We also provide assistance in contracting for those looking to purchase a new home.

Top Offers
Receive easy cash for your property with our services. We offer a strong cash buyer list for our homes, giving you a way to move on quickly from your residence.

Our team helps find an available market with the repair value of your home, and we make an offer within 48 hours. This system allows you to avoid foreclosure and keep your credit high without playing the waiting game.

Residential Wholesale Houses for Rehab

Easy Loans
Purchasing a home is easy when you work with us. Even if you have no credit and don't quality for an FHA loan, we help you get set up with a conventional loan or private financing. We have a variety of ways to finance your deal.

Contact our buyers to work with us for the sales of your wholesale house or rehab property.